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Choose this plan and receive full 5 day meals. All you need to do is add salad in your HO Burger/Sandwich. In the box, you will receive HO Milkshakes for breakfast & HO Burgers/Pizza for lunch and dinner. Dips/sauces are included. 

5 Milkshakes : 3 varieties : Mixed Berries, Banana, Mango (Real fruit).

5 Burgers : Buns/Bread packed individually, (can freeze). Patty : 3 varieties : Daintree, Down under, Lantern patty (Dips individually packed).

5 Pizzas : 3 varieties : Frosty, Dawn, Five element Pizza.

Please refer to attached images for ingredients, nutritional Values, Health Star rating & Australian made content.


    Currently, We ship to Melbourne Metro at this moment. To be exact, we ship within a 50km radius of Oakleigh, Vic 3166. Please contact us if you need support in case you live outside our delivery zones. But stay tuned, we will increase the coverage very soon.


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